Check out this video of the Reflex Zen and the Reflex Slalom Shell in action last weekend at the Auckland Water Ski Club.

The Reflex slalom shell allows you to move back a little more off the second wake so you can keep the ski in front of you better during the pre-turn.  It also incorporates Achilles protection to ensure those over-turns or buoy hits don’t cause too much damage!

The Slalom boot is my current go-to boot and provides the control, support and safety I need from a binding.  For those with weak ankles or a previous injury, hardshells really do provide an unsurpassed level of security!  Since fitting this boot I have felt confident trying slightly more aggressive fin settings on my ski and in one case the boot has saved me from worse injury after I hit a turn buoy on my off-side turn, stuffing the tip of the ski.  I have no doubt that in my previous high-end rubber bindings this would have done some damage to my ankle.

{Apologies the plate was moving – I should have checked those screws!}