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Whether you are seasoned 3 event tournament skier, a slalom specialist or brand new to waterskiing, coaching should be at the top of your list of priorities. The best sportspeople in the world have coaches for a good reason; if you aren’t improving you are probably going backwards. Practice only makes perfect if you are practicing right!

Find a coach in your region, get in touch and arrange some 1 on 1 coaching sets.


Coached Sets;

– These tend to range from 15 to 25 minutes in length for Trick, 6 to 8 passes for slalom and as many jumps as you can handle until your feet make you stop!

– Prices vary depending on coach so get in touch.

–  Some coaches have their own boats and some use club boats – again this is something you should discuss with the coach.

Courtney Williams


Courtney Williams

Courtney is a 3 event skier and currently ranked Number 1 in NZ for trick, jump and overall. She has represented New Zealand numerous times from Australia/NZ competitions, to Junior Worlds and Moomba. Courtney’s incredible achievements include; 6th at U17 Worlds, 3rd Overall Woman at Moomba, 5th at Jump in Moomba, 2nd Overall Oceania Championships and No 1 Overall skier in Oceania. Courtney has been NZ national champion across the 3 events an astonishing 22 times. She is a highly accomplished athlete and a down to earth super positive coach. Courtney comes from a family of superstar skiers, and has her own ski lake at home!

Phone: 021 0850 6602
Alex King


Alex King

Alex is an accomplished coach and athlete. Having competed for New Zealand in multiple world championships and international events, Alex has also coached and driven at top ski schools around the world. Alex was on the Louisiana Monroe University ski team while earning his MBA. He holds the current NZ Under 21 Slalom Record (2 @ 10.75m 58 kms) and the U17 Jump Record (53.7m), and Under 21 Jump Record (61.9m). Alex also won the US Junior Masters jump title, and was the world #1 for U21 jump in 2013. He is a focused and super experienced coach. 


Phone: 021 0255 5337

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