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Quite simply, Reflex is a stalwart of the water ski industry, formed in the 1950’s, they specialised in high level and competition equipment with a small and exclusive production of wood skis.
Many slalom and trick World Championship titles were won until the 90’s then the brand expanded out into the quality leisure part of the water ski market. Many skiers around the world will have skied on Reflex skis over the years.
In 2000, the new century started with new leadership coming from the composite material industry and hydrodynamic engineering. Immediately Reflex started developing innovative products, firstly in trick skis and then hard-shell releasable binding systems. In 2007 Reflex launched a new generation of 100% full carbon skis to the market.

As a result, Reflex products can be found on almost every podium around the world, from amateur right through to World Championship level.

Reflex Skis NZ is run by a skier for skiers.  Chris has skiied for both the British and NZ waterski teams, having represented both countries well over 20 times in total both within his age category and as an Open skier.  Chris has been skiing for over 26 years and over the years has tested and designed ski equipment.

Hardshell bindings such as the Reflex system are extremely safe.  There will always be significant debate about the safety of various types of binding, but it is generally accepted that a hardshell system protects the fragile bones of the foot much better than traditional rubber boots.  In addition, the Reflex Slalom Shell also has an additional Achilles Protection System to further protect the foot on ‘out-the-front’ falls.  This can also be retro-fitted to the Classic Reflex Shell.
Much of the technology within the Reflex system has been crossed-over from similar sports that have to deal with similar loads and release characteristics as waterskiing.  Silvretta (the manufacturer of Reflex Releases) currently produce the 500 series release unit is currently used as an All-Terrain cross country snow-ski release system and receives significant praise.  Reflex’s current 750 release is an upgraded version of this unit, incorporating stainless components for longevity in water.

Firstly, all products come with at least a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

In addition, I will also help with all of the following:

  • Guidance on the setup of your new binding system.
  • Ski setup tips to help you get the most from your ski (including slalom fin-tuning).
  • Video coaching for all new Reflex products purchased (get in contact via the Contact Us form if you need this help).

No worries- as a skier I know the feeling if surviving a stunning crash and then finding you lost or broke something on your ski gear.  While it is rare for Reflex gear, it can happen, but you are in luck!

I aim to always hold spares of Reflex bindings in stock and take spares to all major NZ water ski tournaments I attend.  Just get in contact via email and I will get it sorted for you asap.

In most instances we will try to match pricing for overseas suppliers, however on some occasions this may not be possible.  Please get in touch if you have a quote from elsewhere and we will see what we can do.
Please bear in mind that when purchasing overseas it can often be much more difficult to resolve warranty issues, plus you are likely to have to pay NZ GST and import duties on top of your purchases.

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