Waterski Handle Guard (13″)

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Waterskiing is an awesome sport, but it unfortunately comes with some risk.? In the last couple of years, there have been a number of top NZ skiers seriously injured by arm or head through the handle incidents.? This handle guard aims to protect the user from this issue by closing off the gap in the handle.? This version has been cut to fit a 13″ Masterline or similar handle.

Handle comes supplied with velcro wrap for attaching to the handle bar.? You supply the paracord or zip ties to attach to the V of the handle.

Made of 2.5mm HDPE, this guard remains sturdy enough to stop an arm passing through the handle gap, but flexible enough to absorb impact and move with the handle.? If you prefer not to have the support in the middle of the handle-bar, this can easily be removed using a sharp blade/small saw and will still remain solid enough to stop your head passing through the handle.

I have seen too many skiers injured over the years and personally have had an arm through the handle incident.? I am committed to helping reduce the risk of skiing (hence importing Reflex bindings).? This product has been priced at cost on the website, however please feel free to pay (bank transfer) what you feel this item is worth to you – even if lower.? Any $ over cost will be put into NZTWSA coaching.

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