KD Platinum 10-Section Slalom Rope

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The KD Platinum slalom rope is the competition grade rope with shortenings from 18.25 metres all the way to 9.75 metres.? This is the premium rope option and is used as the official tow rope for the Moomba Masters Pro tournament held on the Yarra River in Melbourne every year.

With 10 removable shortenings this tope gives you all the options you could need fur the ultimate tow rope.

Why buy a high quality rope:?there are lots of ski ropes on the market ranging from the cheap low grade right up to the competition level ropes.? Cheap? ropes are usually made from low quality stretchy materials allowing ropes to recoil back into the boat or fail prematurely.? A competition grade rope has to meet stringent requirements on material quality, breaking load and a very low amount of stretch under load for a connected feel to the boat.


? 10 Section mainline coloured each shortings

? Removable Sections

? Shortening to 9.75m

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